Emojis are a common feature of many messaging and communication apps, including Discord. Modern internet communication relies heavily on using little symbols like these. Readers benefit from them since they simplify expressing one's thoughts and feelings. When it comes to conveying a particular emotion or idea, these basic emojis typically suffice. Your Discord profile image must be as attractive as possible. Our recommended editing tools allow you to export a picture with the precise proportions required for Discord and provide access to millions of internet photos and GIFs without the need to download them first. The following steps will guide you through the process:

Best 5 Tools to Make Discord Emojis Bigger

1. How to make Discord emojis bigger with VanceAI

With the help of Vance Al's image enhancer tools you can make the Discord emojis bigger. Image-enhancing technologies that provide excellent results with no trade-offs are becoming more popular. With VanceAI, you'll be able to restore your old photos in no time at all. You can make colors vibrate in addition to fixing them. Photographic resolution may be increased by a factor of two, four, or even eight without degrading the image's quality. You may use VanceAI to reduce noise in a photo or improve the sharpness of a blurry one.


  • The fastest and efficient tool as compared to other editing tools.
  •  Have a functionality of automatically process images.


  • You have to pay 9.9$ per month for a basic edition.

Steps to make Discord Emojis Bigger with Vance Al

Step 1 - Choose an AI solution from the homepage of this image quality enhancer
Step 2 - Upload your image and Enhance image with AI Automatically
Step 3 - Download the result

2. How to make Discord emojis bigger with VanceAI Image Enlarger?

You can make Discord emojis bigger with Vance Al image Enlarger. Vance Al image Enlarger in a concise amount of time. Vance Al image enlarger is an entirely Al-based Editing tool. Vance Al image enlarger also helps you enhance the image details and remove blur as an enhancer.


  • Make Discord emojis Bigger with just one click.
  • Enlarger images without losing quality.


  • You have to pay for the Basic edition.

Steps to make Discord Emojis Bigger with Vance Al Image Enlarger

Step 1: Access the image upscaler
Step 2: Select the Image
Step3: Download the Image

3. How to make Discord emojis bigger with Vance.ai?

You can make Discord emojis bigger with Vance.ai. Vance.ai provides a 2x image upscaling AI upscale tool. This image upscaler uses artificial intelligence to streamline the image upscaling process. All you have to do is submit a photo and let artificial intelligence do the rest. They're also able to provide high-quality pictures at a respectable rate regularly. Users do not have to be concerned about picture enhancement since this application and its user interface is straightforward.


  • Easy user interface.
  • Provides 2x image upscaling.


  • Limited scales.

Steps to make Discord Emojis Bigger with Vance.ai

Step 1: Go to vance.ai and upload your image
Step 2: Click on "Start to Process"
Step 3: Download the result

4. How to make Discord emojis bigger with BigJPG?

BigJPG is also an Al base editing tool like Vance Al, who helps you make Discord emojis bigger. However, it is unable to eliminate blurring even when zoomed in many times.


  • You can set upscaling up to 2x,4x,8x and 16x.
  • Process image in few seconds.


  • Some time lossed the quality of the photo.

Steps to make Discord Emojis Bigger with BigJPG

Step 1: Go to the website of BigJPG and click on "Select an Image" to upload your emoji to make discord emojis bigger.
Step 2: Click on "Start" to set up the configuration.
Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to see the results.

5. How to make Discord emojis bigger with Imglarger.com?

Imglarger is one of the finest tools to make discord emojis bigger like Vance Al. Both tools are more than Image enhancement and image enlarger. They have some other functionality also like removing background and retouching.


  • Quick Results
  • Multifunctional Tool


  • It needs improvement in other functions.

Steps to make Discord Emojis Bigger with Imglarger.com?

Step 1: Use the upload tool to select an image for upload.
Step 2: Click on Start to begin the processing.
Step 3: Wait for the picture to be processed before you download it.


Thanks to these tools, no more stressing about making emojis bigger on Android or any other device. The tools themselves are driven by artificial intelligence, which enhances the resolutions while still delivering outstanding outcomes. To make communication more personable and engaging, emojis have taken on significant importance in internet conversation. You may increase the size of the Discord emoji without losing any quality by using any of the methods listed above. Choose one to enlarge emojis and have a good time while talking online. Also read: Top 5 AI Tools to Depixelate Image


How to make emojis bigger on iPhone?

Although VanceAI apps can be utilised online by browsers on desktop and mobile, learning how to make emojis larger on iPhone isn't a huge deal anymore. To obtain larger Discord emojis quickly, follow the methods outlined above.

How to make emojis bigger on Android?

Although Android and iOS are two completely different mobile operating systems, they share many comparable features. As a result, you'll be able to utilise VanceAI for picture improvement on both androids and Mac computers.