The resolution of an image is one of the essential elements in business designing and personal branding. Blurry, pixelated photos are no good. They defeat the purpose of posting the photo entirely. If your client or audience sees low-resolution images of you or your product, it’s your reputation and image that will take a hit. So how to increase resolution of image? There are loads of ways to increase image resolution online. Some of these methods are professional and expensive, like Photoshop, while some don’t require payment and still get the job done. There are pros and cons to each product. Let us list them down for you. 

Increase Image Resolution with 5 Best Ways 

1. How to increase image resolution with VanceAI?

VanceAI is an image enhancer for high resolution photos that offers you a smart AI photo enhancer that will automatically increase resolution of image, as well as magnify color and detail. VanceAI is great for social media and marketing campaigns for amateurs as well as experts. 

How to increase the resolution of image? 

Step 1: Upload your small resolution image
Step 2: Wait until the image enhancer AI processes it
Step 3: Voila! Your image has been processed and enhanced

●    Super quick and efficient
●    Free trial 
●    Enhance photo resolution up to 800% 

●    Only supports .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files

2. How to increase image resolution with Let's Enhance?

If you’re wondering how to increase the resolution of an image, Let’s Enhance lets you increase image resolution online for e-commerce, real estate, photography, and printing. 

How to increase the resolution of image? 

Step 1: Upload image
Step 2: Simply pick your desired output size
Step 3: Wait for the Smart Enhance algorithm to process your image

●    Saves time with its automated preset feature
●    Scales workflow by letting you upload 20 images to process at a one time
●    It has a 2.0 Faces Algorithm that automatically detects and enhances faces

●    Previously upscaled images cannot be processed again

3. How to increase image resolution with

The best way to increase image resolution online and answer everyone’s “how to increase the resolution of an image without Photoshop” queries. The image enhancer AI mixes the advanced AI image enhancement algorithms with a simple interface.

How to increase the resolution of image? 

Step 1: Upload any low-res image to this online tool 
Step 2: Click to start the process and remove pixelation and enhance image automatically
Step 3: Download the high quality image anywhere on your computer, or upload it elsewhere 

●    No watermark insistence
●    Unpixelate, denoise, remove blur, enhance portraits, and repair night scenes with it
●    Has a simple and easy to operate interface

●    Limit on file size 

4. How to increase image resolution with Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most well-known photo editing and enhancing applications over the world. It has a variety of features and comes with various price packages. Photoshop is famous for revamping and transforming images completely, but it also is great for retouching, editing, and enhancing images.

How to increase the resolution of image? 

Step 1:  Go to File to open and select your image
Step 2: Choose Image and then Image Size or resolution
Step 3: Automatically readjust the image or manually select or add new values

●    Trusted worldwide
●    It gives you the ability to create what your camera couldn’t capture

●    Comparatively very expensive
●    The interface might not be very user-friendly
●     Too many options to choose from 

5. How to increase image resolution with Deep Image?

Deep Image is a great way to increase image resolution as well as enhance the quality of any picture. It can upscale the frame or picture to a whopping 4k from the lowest resolution, get rid of JPG artifacts, and denoise, brighten, and sharpen your blurry photos.

How to increase the resolution of image? 

Step 1: Create an account
Step 2: Upload your image
Step 3: Process and download your high-resolution image without any discernible quality loss

●    One image takes no more than 30 seconds to process, even for the highest resolution
●    According to your account plan, you can process images simultaneously 
●    The company’s server keeps your photos only for 24 hours and deletes them after

●    Needs creation of account
●    You can process only 5 images for free before you have to sign up 


1. How to increase resolution of image online? 

These days, it is extremely simple to get around your poor-quality images. Follow these steps to increase image resolution:

  • Step 1: Use a product like VanceAI which is an image enhancer AI solution.
  • Step 2: Use any feature such as AI Super HD, AI Portrait Enhancement, AI Night Scene, and AI Image Denoiser
  • Step 3: Increase the size bracket of the image, but also make sure it has the best pixel density
  • Step 4: Use an AI Image Sharpener when available to increase the sharpness of the image. This will make sure the large photo also has an increased resolution

2. How to increase resolution of image without Photoshop?

You can still resize and increase the resolution of your images if you don’t plan on buying Photoshop or Adobe tools in general. Use the sharpening features of any of the products mentioned, upscale the image you have uploaded, and get the image with increased resolution within seconds. 

3.    How to Make High Resolution Images?

Follow the steps mentioned in FAQ #1, and never suffer from low resolution pictures again. 


We hope you have the answer to how to increase the resolution of an image online. It is only with images with a good resolution that you can drive more traffic to your page or website. Increase sales, viewers, and connect with more clients by increasing the resolution of your images. Just use the products mentioned above to get optimal results. Also read: How to Unblur an Image