Are you sick of ragged, minimal, and noisy images? Well, that’s understandable. They not only demean the image's quality and attractiveness but also set all the photographer's effort in vain.
Although Photoshop's supremacy in image editing is remarkable, intense competition is rising with the emergence of quicker and cheaper software. You must learn about how to depixelate an image in photoshop. Hence, people with limited expertise and time constraints are more likely to rely on easier alternatives. Afterall, in this world of hardships, who doesn't like to have some tranquility?

What is pixelation?

Pixelation is the deliberate reworking of an image by magnifying. Yup, it’s not the same old art, it’s different!
In the pixelated images, the graphics could be readily smudged. Pixelation occurs when, instead of integrating flawlessly, individual pixels pop out and become noticeable, thereby degrading the image quality.Yes, that’s the issue! If the capability is not noteworthy, the picture quality will be disrupted with the traditional software. Thanks to technological advancements the depixelation of an image is no longer a problem. The modified softwareis not only extremely fast but is fully autonomous as well, making them a wonderful two-for-one offer!

How is AI used to depixelate images?

Not just 2,4,8 or 16, this supernatural software will enhance the image by 64 times! Though it may seem unbelievable but trust us, it’s all real. Within the glimpse of an eye, get ready to wave goodbye to the low quality, noisy images and welcome onboard the fine details and the superb hues.
Unlike the conventional software, it’s born different. It will depixelate images online by going through the already present similar images. The technology of depixelate image AI is based on ‘Generative Adversarial Network’. It's just like a protein strand, with one end attempting to match up and the other scanning and assessing the work.

Top 5 Tools to Depixelate Image Online

1. VanceAI Image Sharpener

The fully automated software can speedily enhance and depixelate images. So, get rid of pixelation and brighten the edges, tones, and textures. The best part is that it’s totally free to use! Keep reading to find out how to make a blurry picture clear online!

How to depixelate an image with VanceAI Image Sharpener?

  • Open the website in the browser
  • Simply click on upload image
  • Select the pixelated image
  • Choose the desired service from the list. Click the ‘Done’ tab.
  • Sit back and count to three!
  • The superb image is ready.
  • Simply download and save the image in the format of your choice

Unblur Image Online:

If you’re looking for the best amongst all, simply try VanceAI photo enhancer! The free software allows you to depixelate images, boost the colors and tone thereby unblurring it online and making it an ideal quality transformation tool! So, save your time and energies, and get ready to have the best experience of your life. DON’T WAIT AND TRY NOW!


Is it prudent to rely on costly and time-consuming desktop software? Well, it certainly isn’t! So, sharpen your images with this superb online tool, where all you need to do is to make a few clicks!

How to depixelate an image with

  • Go to the website
  • Click the “Start button”
  • You may add one photo at a time or a group of photos simultaneously
  • Tap the Edit icon
  • Select sharpen from the down drop menu
  • Click on Apply. Wait for a few seconds for the magic to work.

Congratulations, your image is now vivid, sharp, and precise as ever. CHECK-OUT NOW!

3. Pinetools

This exceptional all-rounder tool provides exceptional depixelation service just like its viable alternatives. So, no matter what sort of art storm is brewing, the tool is always ready to help!

How to depixelate an image with Pinetools?

  • Open the website in the browser
  • Type “Sharpen Image” in the search bar and hit on that Go button
  • Select and upload the file in the input section
  • Specify the size of the convolution mask
  • Click or tap on that green sharpen button. And you’re done!

With this automated software, you’ll have to wait no more than a few seconds. GO TO THE SITE NOW!

4. Lunapic

The software has sustained over 4-star ratings and has captured the hearts of its users with its out-of-the-ordinary photo editing services. It’s even better if you need to depixelate an image online.
So don’t forget to utilize this extremely user-friendly software to fix those borders, blurring, and noise.

How to depixelate an image with Lunapic?

  • Open the website in your browser
  • Go to the edit section and select the 2x Super Resolution icon
  • Click on the “Choose file” to upload the image or type in the URL section to allow access.
  • Fill in the caption accordingly
  • Your image is ready to go!

This hassle-free and quick tool is certainly worth a shot. GO!


Enhance your productivity to upgrade the effectiveness of your picture quality. This can be done with a simple GIMP tool. So, transform your images into the best ones with this super cool and free-to-use software.

How to depixelate an image with GIMP?

  • Launch the GIMP software
  • Click on the file and select the image you want to depixelate
  • Choose the filters icon
  • Tap the blue icon and wait for the image to upload
  • Click and drag the mouse from the upper left to the lower right part of the image. To copy it to the Windows clipboard, press the "Ctrl" and "C" simultaneously.
  • Click the "Edit", then click "Paste As" to create the new image
  • Click the "Filters" menu, then activate "Blur" and "Selective Gaussian Blur."
  • Click the "Filters" menu at the top of the screen again and select "Enhance" and "Despeckle." Adjust the Radius. Finally, tap the OK icon to complete the process.

Cheers! You’ve learned the manual methodology of how to depixelate an image without photoshop.


The pixelation has been a major issue, but thanks to the modern software for the rescue, for sharpening the edges, enhancing the colors, and yet beautifying the efforts. The best thing is that they’re both free and automated and they don’t require any exceptional skills. Simply amazing! So, sit back and relax as all these marvels are just a few clicks away. Also read: How to Unblur an Image